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Custom Molded Plastic

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom molded plastic is a desirable option in the manufacturing of plastic products. You can choose a mold of any shape or size for your custom product. The product will be created with a process known as injection molding.

Custom Molded Plastic Options

When designing a custom molded plastic product, there are many options to consider. You can choose to make a product in any shape or size. However, you will lower costs by making smaller products.

When designing the shape of your custom molded plastic product, you must create a mold. The mold should have rounded corners to avoid stress to the products. It should also have some angles and uniform walls all around.

When you have decided on the shape of your mold, you can begin the injection molding process. Plastic pellets are melted into a liquid and injected into the mold. The product may be removed when the plastic has cooled.

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