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Custom Molding

Written by Jill Morrison
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Custom molding can be used to make any manufactured part. A product may be customized by shape, size, design, material, or color. Plastic is most commonly used in molding, but there are many other materials that may be used a well.

Custom Molding Characteristics

Custom molding begins with design of the product. Smaller products with thinner walls will reduce manufacturing costs. A solid design in shape will help to make a quality, long-lasting product.

When the material for the product has been decided, it can be melted. The liquid substance will then be injected into a certain mold. After cooling, the product can be removed and packaged.

When custom molding a product, it is important to be cautious and observant. Thickness of the walls should be even whether the walls are thick or thin. Weld lines should also be even and secure so the product will not be susceptible to cracking.

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