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Written by Jill Morrison
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An elastomer is a fancy name for rubber. It is known for its ability to stretch and bounce. It can be stretched tremendously and will return to its regular shape without any deformities.

Elastomer Characterictics

The molecules in rubber have no particular order to them. They tangle together when the rubber is stationary. When it is stretched, the molecules become more orderly and line up.

An elastomer can be used in many different markets. It is commonly used for automotive, aerospace, industrial, construction, consumer product, plastic modification, and food or pharmaceutical applications. It is known for its durable properties that can withstand heat, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions.

The one determining factor in the difference between an elastomer and a thermoplastic is temperature. Stretchy rubber has a glass transition temperature that is room temperature or below and thermoplastic is above room temperature. Both can be molded and shaped in certain temperatures.

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