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Written by Jill Morrison
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Elastomers are another name for rubber materials. They can bounce and stretch well. These rubbers can be stretched incredibly and will always return to their original shape.

Characteristics of Elastomers

Stretchy rubbers are typically crosslinked and the molecules are very random. They tangle together in no particular order when the rubber is stationary. When the rubber is stretched, the molecules line up and become more orderly.

Elastomers and thermoplastics are sometimes confused. The main difference is the glass transition temperature for each material. Thermoplastics are above room temperature and elastomers are at room temperature or below.

Stretchy rubbers can be used in many different markets. They are commonly used for industrial, construction, consumer product, automotive, aerospace, plastic modification, and food or pharmaceutical applications. They are known for their durable nature that can withstand heat, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions.

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