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Written by Jill Morrison
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Fluoropolymers are a type of material that can be used for manufacturing products. The material is very durable and protective. It is commonly used for injection molding of products.

Injection molding is a process where a material is heated to liquid form. The liquid is then injected into a specific mold design. After cooling, the product can be removed from the mold.

Qualities of Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers offer many advantages over some materials that are often used for injection molding. They are best known for their fantastic ability to resist chemical interaction. They can be used for market such as aerospace, water treatments, and chemical pumps.

Unfortunately, fluoropolymers can be difficult to mold when performing injection molding. They should only be handled by a professional with experience in that realm of molding. The best known types to use include Hylar and Kynar.

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