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High Temperature Plastic

Written by Jill Morrison
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High temperature plastic is often used for plastic manufacturing. The process is called, injection molding. Though the tooling for injection molding can be expensive, plastic is a cheap material to use, and injection molding is quick and efficient.

High Temperature Plastic Uses

High temperature plastic can be used to make products in various shapes and sizes. Companies will save money if their plastic products are smaller. The tooling for micro-molding is cheaper and smaller products are lighter and easier to package.

Solid plastic pellets are melted to begin the process of injection molding. Then, the high temperature plastic liquid is injected into a specific mold. After cooling, the plastic part can be removed from the mold.

When working with plastic, it is important to focus on the design of the products. You product will be more durable if weld lines and wall thickness is uniform. Corners may also be rounded to avoid unnecessary stress to the object.

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