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Injection Machine Mold

Written by Jill Morrison
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An injection machine mold is used to make manufactures parts. Custom injection molding can be performed by hand. But, if you wish to make products in large quantities, you will need to use an injection molding machine.

Injection Machine Mold Uses

An injection machine mold allows you to create products in any shape, size, or color. You can also choose from various different materials to use for injection molding. Plastic tends to be used most often because it is versatile and also low in cost.

The first step in injection molding is melting of your material. After a liquid is formed, you can inject it into your injection machine mold. The product may be removed after it has cooled.

An injection machine will save a lot of time in manufacturing. However, the machines can be very expensive. To save money, you can build smaller products and use a micro-molding machine instead.

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