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Injection Mold

Written by Jill Morrison
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An injection mold is a common tool for manufacturing different parts. A mold can be created to form products in various shapes, sizes and colors. There are also numerous option of materials that may be used for molding.

Injection Mold Possibilities

The molding process begins after a material has been chosen and melted. Once a liquid has formed, it can be inserted into the injection mold of your choice. The product can be removed from the mold after the material has cooled.

Plastic is a common material to use for an injection mold. It is versatile and is also low in cost. Because molding machines can be very expensive, many manufacturers choose to use plastic as a way to save money.

Design is an important consideration for molding. To ensure a durable product, wall thickness should be uniform. The product will be easier to handle if there are some angles and corners are rounded as well.

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