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Injection Mold Builder

Written by Jill Morrison
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An injection mold builder is used often for manufacturing different parts. You can customize parts and perform injection molding by hand. Yet, if you need to produce large quantities of products, an injection molding machine will be necessary.

Injection molding machines are desirable because they are quick and precise. However, they can be very expensive. If you wish to save money on your machine, you should consider producing smaller products because a micro-molding is much less expensive to purchase.

Injection Mold Builder Design Options

The design of your product is an important factor in the process. The injection mold builder may be used more effectively if your design has some angles. Rounded corners will also minimize stress to the object upon removal from the mold.

Wall thickness is another important factor in your design. You can use an injection mold builder to make thick or thin walls, but they should be uniform all around. Uneven walls will may the product less durable over time.

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