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Injection Mold Maker

Written by Jill Morrison
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An injection mold maker is typically an injection molding machine. Micro-molding machines and large molding machines are available. You can also perform injection molding by hand for custom projects.

Injection Mold Maker Capabilities

An injection mold maker will allow you to created many different types of parts. You can choose from numerous different materials. You can also choose to design a product in any size, shape, or color.

Before beginning the injection molding process, you must consider the design of your mold. It is best to use some angles so that the product can be removed easily from the mold. Rounding any corners will also help to minimize stress to the part.

When using an injection mold maker, make sure that your wall thickness is uniform. Walls can be thick or thin, but if they are not uniform your product may not be as durable. It is also wise to make walls as thin as possible if you wish to save money in the injection molding process.

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