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Injection Mold Making

Written by Jill Morrison
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Injection mold making is commonly used for manufacturing different parts. You can customize parts and perform injection molding by hand. But, if you need to make mass quantities of products, you will need to use and injection molding machine.

Injection Mold Making Possibilities

Injection mold making can be performed with any type of material. Plastic is a popular type of material to use because it is versatile and low in cost. You can create a product of any size, shape, or color with injection molding.

Injection mold making begins with melting the desired material. It can be injected into a specific mold after a liquid has formed. After the material has cooled, the product may be removed from the mold.

Design is an important consideration for injection molding. The most durable designs have uniform walls thickness over the entire product. Using angles and rounded corners also helps to minimize stress to the product in the process.

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