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Injection Mold Manufacturer

Written by Jill Morrison
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An injection mold manufacturer creates different products with custom molds. Products can be made into any size, shape, or color with injection molding. You can also choose from various materials to use in the process.

Injection Mold Manufacturer Options

An injection mold manufacturer can perform injection molding by hand for custom projects. However, when large quantities of products must be made, an injection molding machine should be used. Manufacturers can choose from machines of different sizes to make their products.

There are two main types of injection molding machines. Large injection machines are commonly used, but are very expensive to purchase. If you wish to save money, you can make smaller products with the less expensive, micro-molding machine.

Design is an important consideration for any injection mold manufacturer. You will get the best results if the walls are uniform in thickness for each product. Products are easier to handle if they have some angles and rounded corners as well.

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