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Injection Molded Plastic

Written by Jill Morrison
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Injection molded plastic is a common manufacturing part. Plastic is frequently used in manufacturing because it is low in cost and is versatile. With injection molding, there are many complex shapes that can be made with durable surfaces.

Qualities of Injection Molded Plastic

Before creating an injection molded plastic product, you should consider the design. You must pay attention to the formation of weld lines. If the lines are not even and secure, the plastic could crack or suffer from stress failure in the future.

It is important to have uniform thickness of walls with injection molding. Walls can be thick, or thin, but should be uniform in thickness all around. Uniform walls will help you to save time and increase effectiveness of the product.

When creating injection molded plastic, you will first start with small plastic pellets or granules. After melting the pellets, the plastic liquid can be injected into a mold. After cooling, the plastic part may be removed from the mold, and the process can begin again.

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