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Injection Molder

Written by Jill Morrison
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An injection molder is a device used in manufacturing molded parts. The most common type of injection molding uses plastic materials. Plastic is a common choice because it is low in cost and is versatile.

Injection Molder Specifications

There are many design options to consider when creating an injection molder. Companies tend to focus on wall thickness because thin walls will lower the cost of the product. The thickness of the walls will differ according to the size, shape, and function of the product.

Walls can be thick or thin for injection molding products. It is important to make sure that they are even all around or the product may produce future problems. Welding lines should also be even and secure to ensure stability.

When the process begins, material is melted into a liquid. The liquid is then inserted into the injection molder. After, cooling the product may be removed from the molder and will be ready to use.

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