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Injection Molding Plastics

Written by Jill Morrison
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Injection molding plastics is a common method in plastic manufacturing. Plastic is a desirable material to work with because it is versatile and relatively low in cost. Most large companies will use injection molding machines to make their plastic parts.

Options in Injection Molding Plastics

The injection molding plastics process is initiated when plastic pellets are melted. The plastic liquid is then inserted into a specific mold. After cooling, the part may be removed from the mold.

When injection molding plastics, it is important to pay attention to the design of the product and the mold. To minimize stress to the part, corners should be rounded. It is also easier to remove the part from the mold if there are some angles in the design.

Most companies will focus on the wall thickness of the product as well. Walls can be thick or thin, but should be even all around. Thinner walls are also desirable because they are cheaper to manufacture.

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