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Micro Injection Moulding

Written by Jill Morrison
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Micro injection moulding is used for manufacturing miniature parts. Some companies make products that are so tiny; they are barely visible to the naked eye. Components can be created that weigh less than a gram, but are still precise in design.

Micro Injection Moulding Characteristics

Micro injection moulding companies can manufacture low or high volume orders for components. Products may be simple in design or may have complex geometric configurations. It is wise to obtain services from contract manufacturers if you do not have the means or understanding to create a good injection molded product.

Micro injection moulding is used in many fields, including medical, electronic, telecommunications, and automotive. Equipment continues to miniaturize in these departments. Therefore, smaller components are increasingly in demand.

When compared with traditional injection moulding techniques, micro moulding has many advantages. For example, the tooling is less expensive because the machines are smaller. Since the products are smaller as well, companies will also save money on the cost of materials.

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