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Micro Mould

Written by Jill Morrison
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A micro mould is most often used in manufacturing miniature parts. The mold is a tool for the micro injection moulding process. It allows small parts to be shaped quickly and accurately.

Micro Mould Uses

Micro mould parts are typically useful for medical, electronic, telecommunication and automotive applications. They are high in demand because equipment has become smaller over the years. As technology advances, equipment tends to become smaller, so miniature parts will always be needed.

You have many design choices for miniature products. Products may be simple or complex in design. They may also be made from numerous materials, with plastic as the most popular material to use.

A micro mould can help to design products that are so small; they are barely visible at first glance. They can also weigh less than one gram and still maintain a precise structure. Micro products can be custom made or manufactured in mass quantities with micro injection moulding machines.

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