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Molded Plastic

Written by Jill Morrison
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Many manufacturing companies choose to make their products from molded plastic. Plastic is versatile and it is also relatively low in cost. Plastic molding can get expensive when you consider the type of tooling needed for the process.

Molded Plastic Characteristics

Molded plastic can be made with injection molding machines. The machines can be very expensive. You can save cost if your products are smaller because micro injection molding machines are cheaper to purchase and operate.

The injection molding process begins with many pellets made of plastic. The plastic is melted into a liquid and injected into a specific mold. After cooling, the product can be removed from the mold.

Molded plastic can be formed into any shape or size. It is important the wall thickness is even, however. With uneven walls and weld lines, the product may be susceptible to cracks and other future problems.

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