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Molding Injection

Written by Jill Morrison
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A molding injection is often used for manufacturing parts. A mold is initially created in a custom design. Then the mold can be filled with a certain material to form a product.

Molding Injection Options

There are many materials to choose from for a molding injection. Plastic is the most commonly used material. It is popular because it is versatile, yet low in cost.

Molding injection can be performed by hand for small, customized projects. However, for manufacturing mass quantities of products, you will need an injection molding machine. The machines can be very expensive, so if you wish to save money, you should purchase the less expensive, micro-molding machine.

Design is an important factor for injection molding. Your design should include some angles and rounded corners to minimize stress to the product in the process. You should also make sure that wall thickness is uniform in order to preserve durability over time.

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