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Molding Parts

Written by Jill Morrison
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Molding parts are commonly used for manufacturing. The process is called injection molding. A material is injected into a mold design to form a certain shape of product in this process.

Options in Molding Parts

For molding parts, you must first create a mold design. The design should have some angles and rounded corners to eliminate stress to the object in the process. Uniform wall thickness will also make the product more durable over time.

After a design is created, you must decide on a material to use. Plastic is the most commonly used material for molding parts. It is popular because it is versatile, yet low in cost.

After the preliminary choices have been made, you may begin the injection molding process. The chosen material must be melted into liquid form, and then injected into the desired mold. After cooling, the product can be removed from the mold.

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