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Plastic Manufacturing

Written by Jill Morrison
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Plastic manufacturing offers the potential for making a large amount of money. Plastic is low in cost, durable, and versatile. The main cost in the process will be the tooling needed to mold the plastic.

Plastic Manufacturing Characteristics

Plastic manufacturing begins with melting pellets or granules of plastic. The plastic liquid can then be poured into a mold. After cooling, the product may be removed from the mold.

Plastic manufacturing companies will typically use injection molding machines to form their products. It allows for products to be made quickly and consistently. Companies will save money if their products are smaller and micro injection molding machines can be used instead of the larger machines.

Manufacturing companies will save money if the design of their products is consistent and practical. Wall thickness and weld lines should be uniform. It is wise to make the walls as thin as possible for each product to save additional funds.

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