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Plastic Mold Injection

Written by Jill Morrison
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Plastic mold injection is a technique used for manufacturing plastic parts. When large amounts of plastic products must be made, companies should use injection molding machines. Though this tooling is expensive, plastic is a material that is low in cost and is also versatile.

Plastic Mold Injection Characteristics

In order to begin the plastic mold injection method, you must first melt plastic pellets into a liquid. The liquid is then injected into a specific mold. After cooling, the plastic product may be removed from the mold.

Wall thickness is an important consideration for a plastic mold injection. It is wise to make walls as thin as possible if you wish to save money. Walls can be thick or thin, but they must be uniform around the entire product.

The design of the product is also an important factor for injection molding. The mold should have some angles so that the product can be removed easily. Corners should also be rounded to minimize stress to the product.

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