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Plastic Molder

Written by Jill Morrison
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A plastic molder is often used in the manufacturing of plastic parts. This process is known as injection molding. Plastic is commonly used because it is low cost, but the cost of tooling may be expensive for the molding process.

Plastic Molder Uses

A plastic molder is an important tool in injection molding. The molder can be formed into any shape or size. Yet, there are special design considerations that all manufacturers must make.

A plastic molder will be effective and easy to use if there are some angled surfaces. This makes it easier to remove the product from the mold. In addition, corners should be rounded to eliminate potential stress on the product.

Manufacturers can avoid future problems if the wall thickness is uniform on each product. Walls can be thick or thin, but should be consistent. Weld lines that are even and secure will also ensure that the product will not crack or break in the future.

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