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Plastic Plating

Written by Jill Morrison
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Plastic plating will offer added protection for any product. There are three plating methods that may be used. Plastic is a desirable material for shielding because it is low in cost and easy to work with.

Comparing Plastic Plating to Other Methods

Plastic offers certain protection benefits for plating. You may also consider other plating materials such as nickel, stainless steel, copper, or electroless nickel. The type of material you choose depends on you goals for product protection.

The three types of plating include standard plating, inherent, and in-mold plating. Standard plating is most commonly used for plastic plating. You can use inherent plating to guard against RFI and EMI noise, as well as electro-static discharge.

In-mold plating is another option in plastic plating. In this case, the plating takes place while the product is molded into a shape. So, essentially, protective plastic elements are added to the product that is being created.

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