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Precision Custom Injection Molding

Written by Jill Morrison
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Precision custom injection molding is used for customizing manufactured parts. You can customize your design in any shape, size, or color. You can also choose from various materials to use for injection molding.

Precision Custom Injection Molding Characteristics

Precision custom injection molding begins with melting your desired material. Once a liquid has formed, you can pour it into a custom mold. After the material cools, you may remove the product from the mold.

Design is an important consideration for precision custom injection molding. You may want to consider using some angles in your design. This will make the product easier to remove from the mold.

When determining wall thickness, you should know that thinner walls are less expensive to make. You can make walls thick or thin, but they should be uniform over the entire product. You may also round corners in the design to minimize stress to your product.

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