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Rfi Emi

Written by Jill Morrison
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RFI and EMI are types of noises that can interfere with the functions of electronic circuits. RFI stands for Radio Frequency Interference and EMI stands for Electro-Magnetic Interference. Both noises can be present in any type of electronic circuit when currents sharply rise and fall.

RFI EMI noises must be filtered according to FCC and CE rules. The noises can be created with Mosfet switches when changing power supplies. Common mode line filters are acceptable for blocking these noises on the power line.

RFI EMI Coatings

RFI EMI coatings are used to protect sensitive equipment. Interference can be prevented because coating materials contain signal emitted by components. Coatings use different conductive pigments to protect components from harsh conditions.

You can choose from many different forms of RFI EMI coatings. Common types include tape, foams, sheeting, and elastomer gaskets. You should choose the appropriate type of coating depending on the type of component you wish to protect.

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