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Thermoplastic Urethane

Written by Jill Morrison
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Thermoplastic Urethane, or TPU, is an elastomer that can be hard or soft. It is commonly used as a material for manufacturing different products. TPU is most often used for the process of injection molding.

Injection molding begins when you melt the plastic material into a liquid. Then the liquid can be inserted into a mold. After cooling, the plastic product may be removed from the mold design.

Thermoplastic Urethane Properties

Thermoplastic urethane has many unique properties that are not often seen in thermoplastics. They are increasing in popularity each day for engineering. They are desirable because they can be molded and stretched easily unlike most plastics.

Thermoplastic urethane properties can be determined in any way that is desired. You can decide on any level of strength for your product as well as any shape. You may also decide how durable and protective your plastic can be when exposed to harsh elements such as weather or chemicals.

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