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Written by Jill Morrison
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A thermoset is a type of plastic or rubber. It is crosslinked which means it is made of one single molecule connected with polymer chains. They are known for their ability to stay in one shape and to never melt.

Thermoset Characteristics

A thermoset is very tough and durable. It cannot be melted or broken easily. The object is set in place with heat and once it has reached a certain temperature, there is a permanent result.

A thermoset is completely different from an elastomer or moldable thermoplastic. After crosslinking has occurred, the object can no longer be shaped or molded. Heat, pressure, or any other elements will not affect the object after this process has been completed.

Plastic or rubber that cannot be moved or stretched is valuable in certain fields. They may be used as parts for automotive, construction, and aerospace applications, for consumer goods and for sealing food or pharmaceuticals in a clean, stable manner.

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