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Written by Jill Morrison
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TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. Elastomers are bendy and bouncy types of rubbers, and thermoplastic is a plastic that can be molded with heat. A thermoplastic elastomer combines properties of both of these materials.

TPE Qualities

TPE is a plastic than can be manipulated or molded easily. If you desire a certain level of toughness for your plastic, you can use additives. Temperature is also a major factor in the property of the plastic.

Plastics do not typically bounce back after being stretched. They will usually break or deform if stretched too much and it is also difficult to stretch them. Thermoplastic elastomers allow plastics to have stretchy qualities like elastomers that can be shaped easily with use of heat.

TPE products continue to grow in use as time goes on. They are commonly used for automotive and engineering applications. These products are desirable because they give and excellent performance and are low in cost.

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