Jcaho Standards Compliance

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Are you looking to come into JCAHO standards compliance? Thousands of health care facilities each year request JCAHO accreditation for the wide range of benefits it provides. These include everything from fulfilling state licensure requirements and obtaining faster third-party payment to reducing liability insurance premiums and improving recruitment.

When your hospital, lab, or office meets JCAHO standards, it gives your patients the assurance that they're receiving top-notch care. Not only that, but prospective patients may opt to buy your services instead of those of an unaccredited organization. With so many different health-care providers in the field, it's a challenge to find a standard set of criteria to measure performance. But that's precisely what JCAHO sets out to do.

More on JCAHO Standards Compliance

In order to come make JCAHO standards compliance, you as the business owner or manager must request an on-site evaluation. Then, one of the agency's 1,000 surveyors will report to your office or lab for a full diagnostic evaluation. The surveyor will assess your institution's strengths and weaknesses and offer ways to improve in areas that need attention.

One way to ensure a higher JCAHO rating is to keep a comprehensive MSDS library. Many health care professional prefer to hire a full-service MSDS management company for access to an updated database. These companies can e-mail new versions of MSDS when they are printed by their manufacturers, ensuring that your office always has the latest, most relevant drafts. Oftentimes, this can be done by setting up basic MSDS software on your office server. This has the added benefit of allowing multiple users to access and share this critical information.

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