Jcaho Training

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you're a health care provider or simply work in the health care industry, JCAHO training is essential for meeting certain accreditation requirements. It is JCAHO's job not only to evaluate companies' ability to provide outstanding health care services, but its performance as well. If your business fails to meet JCAHO guidelines, your patients may choose to seek treatment and care elsewhere.

JCHAO evaluates over 16,000 different health care facilities on such criteria as patient rights, quality of care, and infection control. Surveyors come to sites at least once every three years, and laboratories every two years. By holding these facilities accountable for their care and standardizing the evaluation guidelines, the quality of service, on the whole, increases.

What JCAHO Training Provides

JCAHO training gets your general practice, psychiatric office, nursing home, or assisted living community into compliance with the agency's standards. Your accreditation helps you win and retain patients by giving you a visible certification of quality care, safety, and excellence. With the JCAHO stamp of approval, your health care organization often fulfills your state's licensure requirements as well (though standards vary by state, so it's important to check the law wherever you practice).

JCAHO software can get your staff up to speed on the latest safety procedures and other quality care requirements so that there's nothing to fear when a surveyor does arrive at your site. Talk to your MSDS solutions company about programs they offer to help you satisfy compliance standards. By paying a little extra to meet the current requirements, you can save yourself thousands of dollars down the line.

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