Osha Safety Training

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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OSHA safety training gives many business owners and managers headaches. Too often they fear they have to shut down business for a day (or longer) in order to give their workers information they think they already know. The reality, however, is that safety guidelines change all the time, and a worker who received training years ago likely needs a refresher course, while new employees need training from square one.

OSHA's task is both commendable and daunting. The government agency, begun under the Nixon administration, was charged with reducing the incidence of workplace injury by ensuring that employers follow well-documented guidelines. The rules are meant not to frustrate entrepreneurs, but to vouchsafe the well-being of laborers, be they forklift drivers or receptionists. Often the wrong ergonomic set-up at a desk can lead to more debilitating injuries than those suffered on assembly lines.

Get Your OSHA Safety Training Online

Going to the Internet for your OSHA safety training is a great cost-effective way to come into compliance. Lessons on understanding exposure, identifying potential chemical hazards, and cleaning up spills is presented in addition to more clerical measures such as labeling bottles and vats. All these lessons have short, easy-to-follow demonstrations that your workers can download at their convenience.

Even the federal government uses online safety training to get more than two million workers up to speed on the latest in MSDS. Many companies' MSDS training includes segments on reactivity and combustibility, as well as more common-sense practices like walking safely about your plant. While many of these procedures seem obvious, there are still millions of workplace injuries every year in the U.S., many of which are completely preventable. So it's worth the extra time to make sure your staff is fully trained and provided with the most current MSDS on the market.

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