Ada Bathroom Designs

Written by Seth Cotterell
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ADA bathroom designs are now being incorporated into the manufacturing of many portable bathroom facilities. A growing sensitivity to the needs of disabled citizens as well as a national mandate has made portable bathrooms featuring ADA bathroom designs much more common than in the past. Disabled citizens have spoken out and made clear what they want, and businesses must comply, if they have not already.

New ADA Bathroom Designs

The major difference between ADA bathrooms and non-ADA bathrooms is the user envisioned during the design process. Non-ADA designs are meant to be as compact as possible for greater portability and are for quick use. ADA bathroom designs, however, have to have a different user in mind. They have to be different on the inside and outside for different users with different requirements.

The outside design must keep in mind certain traits of the user. ADA bathroom designs must make it easy for wheelchair bound users to enter and exit. This is accomplished by a grounded design. That is, the ADA unit sits directly on the ground. There are no steps to climb, just a very short and easy ramp for maximum accessibility.

The inside design must likewise keep its user's physical abilities in mind. There must be sufficient room to turn and park a wheelchair and have the proper aids to assist in inside mobility. Sinks and dispensers must also be easy to reach for people from a seated position. Any shower stalls or storage space must also be accessible. While ADA bathroom designs mean an overall larger sized unit, they are mandated, and needed by your customers.

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