Ada Bathroom Standards

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Portable bathroom manufacturers are now producing new and improved trailer units designed to meet ADA bathroom standards in all fifty states. This is great news for disabled persons who have experienced difficulty locating bathrooms living up to ADA bathroom standards at work or at various outdoor events. Those worries may now be a thing of the past.

Portable Restrooms Complying with ADA Bathrooms Standards

This is welcome news for active, on-the-go persons with disabilities. No more worry or frustration trying to find an acceptable bathroom, even at the most crowded event. Business and event bathroom units meeting ADA bathroom standards are going to make life easier for countless Americans and eliminate a common source of anxiety and frustration.

In compliance with ADA bathroom standards, these new portable units are enormous. They're designed to be large inside and allow for as many as possible to be accommodated by businesses and event organizers. They are large and roomy, allowing for greater freedom movement and maneuverability. A wheelchair area is included. Toilets, dispensers, and sinks are easy to reach and use.

The ADA unit is designed to lower completely to the ground, eliminating difficult and treacherous ramping. They're very easy to get in and out of even in crowded arenas and extra assistance is unnecessary. These advanced portable ADA units will soon become a common site on the construction sites and sports arenas of America, and the lives of many people are about to get a little easier. ADA compliant bathrooms are not just a legal requirement, they are also a hallmark of quality customer service.

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