Ada Units

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Anyone who's ever wished for the convenience of easily accessible restroom facilities but found that what is actually available does not meet their requirements will be happy to know that some portable bathroom manufacturers are now designing and building new ADA units. These ADA units are intended to meet the needs of customers who, until now, have found themselves lacking much choice in products designed intentionally with their needs in mind.

New ADA Units

I have seen preliminary designs for several new ADA units, and I must say that I am quite impressed. A lot of thought and consideration has been put into making these units more friendly and accessible to all customers. Forward looking manufacturers have designed these units to be compliant in all 50 states so there won't be any restrictions on their use from one state to the next.

One of the great features of the units is their accessibility. ADA compliant units lower completely to the ground, making entry and exit safe and easy. Entry ramps need neither be long or treacherous. The interior is designed with ease of movement as a top priority eliminating the cramped conditions many people have come to expect.

Some companies have really taken the initiative to design roomy, effective bathrooms that are nothing like the portable restrooms of the past. Each unit may include fresh water tanks, heated water, air conditioning, toilets, interior heat, large waste tank, and ramps. They are also meant for easy hitching and towing. Included with each unit should be a trailer and winch for easy transportation. Once you get to where you're going, set up should be quick and easy, so look for units with easy to follow instructions.

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