Handicapped Restrooms

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Even with ADA requirements, handicapped restrooms are few and far between. Any person with disabilities knows exactly what I mean. Even some that claim to be handicapped restrooms fall short of actually providing easier access to persons with disabilities. At an event or business and away from familiar surroundings, this situation is even worse.

ADA Compliant Handicapped Restrooms

It's a plain and simple fact that bathrooms designed for "average" people are ill-equipped to accommodate handicapped users. They're too small, too confined, and don't offer the extra assistance handicapped users require. Trying to use a non-handicapped bathroom can often be a daunting challenge.

Fortunately, companies now offer handicapped restrooms that are portable but of a higher quality. Newer portable restrooms are more spacious and have larger usage capacities. Every venue must have handicapped restrooms, but now they can also be portable rentals.

Portable handicapped restrooms are designed lower to the ground, so their access ramps are incredibly easy to navigate, regardless of weather conditions. Inside, you'll want a large open area specifically designed for wheelchair maneuverability. You'll also want everything you need to assist you once you're inside, such as sinks, soap, and paper towels. Most importantly, find restrooms that are compliant in every state, so you'll never be lacking proper facilities.

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