Mixed Module Trailers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Mixed module trailers are the future of portable bathrooms. The practicality of module design is combined with the convenience of a trailer to make these efficient units extremely portable and very easily maintained. Early shortcomings of movable bathrooms have been corrected in mixed module trailers and they will only get better as time goes by.

The Benefits of Mixed Module Trailers

One of the major weaknesses of older movable bathrooms was the difficulty in transporting them. They were heavy and awkward and you had to be extremely careful during transport so as not to break them. None of this is a concern with a mixed module trailer. The module sits right on its own trailer for easy transportation.

Another fault of older styles was that they were difficult and costly to maintain. Maintenance was often neglected at the expense of comfort and sanitation. Modules, however, are all completely interchangeable and repair and maintenance is efficient and inexpensive. The lightweight material of component parts makes them easy to work with and at the same time, they're tremendously strong and durable. Chances are, something won't break, but if it does, you can repair it quickly and easily.

Because of the lightweight material and efficient design, mixed module trailers are able to combine all bathroom amenities in one single unit. You will no longer need separate toilet and shower facilities. Shower and toilet facilities are augmented by extra storage space, changing room, heat, air conditioning, and other extras all in one roomy structure. Now that's comfort.

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