Modular Trailers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Modular trailers are an intriguing development in the world of portable sanitation technology. Unique design and manufacturing innovation has been paired with traditional business concepts to create a revolution in portable bathrooms. They take the best of time honored concepts and combine them with new production materials in an effort to create a new future for the industry. Indeed, modular trailers are the next big thing in portable bathrooms.

Modular Trailers and the Future of Portable Bathrooms

What's perhaps most interesting about modular trailers is they way they apply long used manufacturing techniques in new and interesting ways. Modules are based on the concept of interchangeability. All modules and all parts are made to fit uniform standards. It's similar to concepts used in manufacturing of products of all sorts, but this is the first it has been applied to portable bathrooms.

Because all parts are uniform, fewer machines are needed for production. This means less cost to the manufacturer which translates into less cost for the end consumer. Money saved by the producer means more money can be saved by the purchaser.

Interchangeable parts make service and replacement easier than ever. Efficiency is the key here. Repair and replacement are faster and less expensive when all parts are made to uniform standards. The materials used are also light and durable, which makes modular trailers easy to transport and easy to maintain.

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