Porta-potty Alternatives

Written by Seth Cotterell
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A new generation of portable bathrooms showing up at many outdoor arenas and work sites are excellent Porta-Potty alternatives. They provide the same basic services as Porta-Potties, but at a much higher level of cleanliness and comfort. If you've ever been less than thrilled with the available facilities at large events or away from civilization, you will be pleasantly surprised by these new Porta-Potty alternatives.

Available Porta-Potty Alternatives

What really makes these new Porta-Potty alternatives attractive is their cleanliness. This is definitely one of their best features and the main reason they're so popular. The new generation units are immaculate, designed more like a home bathroom than a Porta-Potty. They are clean and well lit with trash receptacles, stalls, and sinks that encourage users to treat them with respect, something you'd never see with a traditional Porta-Potty.

Another factor that makes these so popular on construction sites and at large events is their unbeatable level of comfort. Porta-Potties are cold, impersonal, and uncomfortable. The new portable bathrooms are designed with maximum user comfort in mind. You'll be amazed at the difference.

As Porta-Potty alternatives go, these new portable bathrooms showing up at county fairs and rallies are unbeatable. You don't have to make due with old and disgusting Porta-Potties that may or may not be in service. I'm not a betting person, but I would wager that we'll be seeing a lot more Porta-Potty alternatives at outdoor events in the not too distant future.

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