Portable Showers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Portable showers are a natural result of a society on the go. It's a hectic world and an upwardly mobile society and sometimes the proper sanitary facilities are just not available. The best way to make sure you'll always have shower capabilities is with portable showers. Some people might be unfamiliar with these devices, so let's take a closer look.

Portable Showers at a Glance

Portable showers are meant to give you the sense of being at home. They are clean and comfortable, and many people are surprised at how nice they are. Water is heated by a combination of battery, propane, and solar power so that you'll always enjoy a nice warm shower, not one of those shockingly cold ones that set your teeth chattering.

Most portable showers have toilet facilities, too. Besides the toilet, some models include a urinal, and all should have a sink with a counter. The best models are designed to be roomy so their users don't feel cramped at all. Some will also have additional storage closets.

If you're traveling with a crew or run a business where many employees will need to have bathing facilities, have no fear. You can rent, lease, or buy a shower trailer that has as many as three shower stalls, ample changing area, and storage space. A good vendor will offer low financing, so it won't break your budget.

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