Portable Urinals

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Portable urinals are a man's best friend. Sorry Spot, but it's true. The need for portable urinals is growing as new construction rates increase, tourism is on the rise, and recreational areas are becoming more popular again. A portable urinal is a great convenience to offer the public.

Public Portable Urinals

The problem with public facilities is that they are often few and far between. The lack of public availability is a serious deterrent for a lot of people. There just never seems to be a bathroom around when you need one, so why put your customers in that situation? Having portable urinals available will actually draw customers to your area.

It's easy to get around this problem, though, with portable urinal trailers. The structure resides on its own trailer that you simply park in a convenient location. The setup is quite easy and takes only a few moments. Storage capacity is high, accommodating anywhere from several hundred to a thousand uses. If there is a sewer connection nearby, you can hook it directly to it for unlimited use.

These structures are moderately priced for purchase and easy and affordable to maintain. Vendors usually offer several ownership options and financing is low. Some vendors even choose to rent their units out. Repair work is easy because of the uniformity of parts and design. It hardly costs a thing to maintain one of these units, and the public will thank you for it.

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