Written by Seth Cotterell
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It's kind of funny talking about restrooms. It's just not something that gets brought up in everyday, "polite" conversation. They're rooms you use for something that we're told is not for casual conversation, so we kind of pretend they don't really exist. We know they're there, but we just look the other way and talk of other things. Yet there are times and places where they are absolutely necessary, like if you work outside doing construction or if you're at a concert.

In these situations, easily accessible restrooms become incredibly important. The practicality and convenience of a nearby portable restroom does more to make your work or recreation activity enjoyable than perhaps anything else. There was a time in history when restrooms were a luxury item only the aristocracy could afford. Today, it's hard for us to imagine not having access to restrooms at home and abroad.

Restrooms on the Road

Today, you can have access to restroom facilities anywhere and everywhere you venture. What was once a privilege reserved for the ultra rich is now a necessity for everyone in public places, be it at work or at play. They're just as valuable at a construction site as they are at a concert.

Anyone who's ever travelled for work or for recreation has probably used a portable restroom. They're common at concerts and on work sites. What is new is the extremely high quality restrooms that are making an appearance in public across the nation. The more modern portable restrooms have sinks and flushable toilets. Most employees report more positive feedback when their employer takes the time to find facilities that are clean and modern. Spending a little more money for fancier portable restrooms can earn a lot of employee loyalty.

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