Shower Trailers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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While portable toilets are great, shower trailers can be even better. They've got the ease and convenience of portable toilet facilities, plus the added benefit of shower capabilities. With one of these units, you can feel like you're in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Shower trailers vary in size and capacity, so it might be helpful to look a little closer at the different models.

Different Models of Shower Trailers

We all have different needs, and whatever those needs are, there are shower trailer models to accommodate them. The most basic units combine a single shower stall with the standard toilet and sink combination. These are great for individuals or small groups and can even handle fairly heavy traffic if necessary. Smaller units will hold a tank with around a 300-400 gallon capacity and the shower itself is fairly roomy.

Further up the scale, and intended for much greater usage, are the 16 foot shower trailers. These house up to three separate shower stalls as well as changing, storage, and locker areas. These will have a 400-500 gallon tank capacity, much larger than the individual units. Some are strictly shower facilities and have no toilets in them.

If you want the added convenience of a combined unit, there are 16 foot trailers designed for just such a purpose. It will most likely have two toilets and one shower stall. Regardless of trailer size or intended traffic level, they are easy to hitch and also easy to set up. Step by step hitching and setup directions should come with all shower trailers.

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