Temporary Toilets

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Unless you've been hiding under a rock or leaving in the back country somewhere, you've probably encountered temporary toilets at some point in your life. Temporary toilets are common sites around schools, businesses, construction, and at recreational areas. Typically they are rented by businesses rather than purchased outright. But did you know that not all temporary toilets are the same? They are all different and some are better than others.

The Best Temporary Toilets

Really good temporary toilets are more than just a plastic shell providing minimal privacy and minimal sanitation. They can be very inviting and very comfortable. There are several factors that make one temporary unit better than another. Cleanliness is obviously a huge factor. Privacy is also an important one, and so is comfort.

The best temporary toilet provides the most privacy to the user. They are built of strong, durable materials that will stand the test of time. Once inside, doors can be locked and the room is all yours, and some can accommodate multiple users, just like traditional bathrooms. There's more room (in the modules made by higher quality manufacturers) than other types, so visitors don't feel as confined. A really high quality temporary toilet can also house shower, changing, and storage areas for customer use.

Comfort is again a huge factor. A really good temporary structure feels more like a solid building than a flimsy outhouse. They will have room to move around (check for ADA compliance) and will have counter space, trash bins, and storage for extra toilet paper, soap, and other accessories. Customers of businesses that provide this type of high quality facility always appreciate it more than those who go with the lower quality variety.

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