Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wheelchair accessible bathrooms, though mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act, the ADA, are not as common as you might expect. Organizations are required to make reasonable accommodations, but it is often an afterthought and not addressed until someone raises their voice in complaint. When the nature of the organization or situation is temporary, wheelchair accessible bathrooms need to be considered beforehand because by the time someone's complaint is heard, it may very well be too late to do anything.

Providing Wheelchair Accessible Bathrooms

Luckily, there is a handful of forward thinking businesses out there that cater to the needs of wheelchair bound customers. One of the services these manufacturers provide is portable wheelchair accessible bathrooms. If your business is in need of portable bathrooms, be sure to only buy or rent those which employ ADA approved designs. Working with your customers that have special needs will ensure that they will return to your business again and again.

Of course, portable wheelchair accessible bathrooms offer an ease of entry no standard restroom can equal. The portable models lower all the way to the ground. This results in unparalleled ramping ease. The ramp is short and offers virtually no resistance, making getting in and out a breeze.

In other restrooms, even if you can get your wheelchair inside, there's usually space constraints that make use impractical to say the least. Portable wheelchair-friendly bathroom manufacturers understand this difficulty, and design their products for maximum convenience and ease of use. Inside, there is more than enough room to maneuver and position a wheelchair. The interior design often also includes an easy to use toilet, accessory dispensers, and sink.

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