Construction Equipment

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Increasingly, the construction business and heavy industry are using remote control construction equipment for a wide range of heavy machinery with different functions. This particular remote control market is often referred to as rugged remote control, as within the construction and heavy industry category, most of the functions required of remote control devices are very heavy duty. This means that the type of remote control devices employed by construction and heavy industry need to be very robust themselves.

Remotely Controlled Construction Equipment

Another snag when working with remotely controlled construction equipment is interference from other devices. This could cause serious mistakes, and even create dangerous situations. For this reason, industrial remote control units need to be totally reliable and to be able to function even when there is a lot of interference from other units.

A few companies have managed to produce remote control units that are able to bypass interference, and of course, they are big names in their field. In addition to looking at your proposed transmitter and receiver's resistance to interference, don't forget to check about the distance range for effective operation. With some types of construction equipment and in some situations, this is going to be crucial. Also, do you need analog or digital indicators?

One of the most significant developments for radio remote control in the construction equipment industry is computer programmable devices. This gives a virtually endless range of applications for a number of different types of machines. The systems all consist of two parts, the transmitter and the receiver. There is a choice of transmitter configurations; you have the joystick, the keypad, paddle, pushbutton and toggle variations. What kind of system you choose would depend on the range of activity you want your machinery to have.

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