Industrial Automation

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The problems associated with industrial automation are often control issues. No one contends that the automation of industrial processes is a good thing. Many industries rely on automation for their success. Making sure that they have the accuracy and control over those processes has, however, turned out to be quite a considerable problem in some respects.

A number of companies have come up with solutions to industrial automation problems. They generally consist of linking computer networks and software to control points, and then on to the industrial devices that need to be controlled. The combination of computers and networks together with wireless solutions has proved to be the way forward for industrial automation.

Methods of Industrial Automation

Such methods of industrial automation can be used for a very wide range of industrial applications, from heavy machinery such as cranes, right down to monitoring processes and data collection. Since many industries need many similar industrial automation processes for different stages of their production, a service such as Devicenet is a great option. It can allow them to coordinate all their processes quickly, effectively and for a small charge.

Using a service such as Devicenet for industrial automation can bypass the problems of finding suitable wireless solutions for heavy industry. Since Devicenet's systems are already well tried and tested, there will be no doubts, for example, about the effectiveness of a wireless application in a heavy industry setting. Many industrial plants are opting to take advantage of such a system as Devicenet as it offers them combined experience and benefits of the many companies that already use the service.

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