Industrial Remote Controls

Written by Patricia Skinner
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The applications that use industrial remote controls demand a robust, rugged, reliable system that is not easily compromised by interference from other systems. Although this is highly desirable in any circumstances, in industry it is vital. First, industrial accuracy and output may be seriously affected by interference. Second, in some cases, radio interference could actually pose a hazard.

Indeed, safety is a major reason for employing industrial remote controls in the first place. Operating heavy machinery such as cranes, forklifts, pumps, automotive equipment, construction equipment, and equipment for mining and metal manufacturing is often done with industrial remote controls nowadays. The job may be achieved by any device which is handheld and freestanding, and which operates remotely with no wires or cables. However, more often, the system is a little more involved than that, and now often includes the latest that technology has to offer.

Forms of Industrial Remote Controls

Transmitters can take the form of joysticks, paddles, pushbuttons or even keypads which send commands to receivers. In fact, industrial remote control may take many different forms, and be able to control many different sizes of operation. From the most simple positive-negative transmissions, to very elaborate information gathering systems, and on to the most complicated industrial processes, we now have remote control systems that can cope with it all.

There's now an industrial remote control solution for almost any kind of operational problem, too. For operations where a simple two-way transmission won't be enough, there are systems that involve hardware and software, such as SCADA for example, which is now commonly used in just about any industrial process you care to mention. The wonders that remote technology can bring to process control have not yet ceased to develop, and we are constantly being offered the ability to do more, better and with less effort or expense.

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