Industrial Wireless

Written by Patricia Skinner
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There are many different categories of industrial wireless systems. From the simplest, two-way system that is used to remotely operate a crane or a fork lift truck for example, to the most elaborate networks set up with multiple sensors and information gathering nodes for industrial processes automation. It's obvious that such wireless applications are there to make industrial control easier and more accurate, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Safety and Industrial Wireless Solutions

All kinds of industrial hazards have been successfully circumvented with the advent of sophisticated industrial wireless systems. Mining under dangerous circumstances, deep underground is not the necessity it was even a short while ago. Industrial wireless has provided us with mining robots that can tell us everything we need to know in addition to digging out the materials we need.

Operating heavy machinery under dangerous circumstances has also been rendered unnecessary by all kinds of "rugged remote" industrial wireless solutions. Even the military has found some unique ways of using remote solutions to save the lives of personnel. Using robots to defuse mines is just one example.

Other areas where safety has been improved due to industrial wireless technology include the oil industry, automotives, aerospace, metal production and more. Robots and remote control have created an industrial world where it's no longer necessary to put a human at risk. Most of the time there's a machine that can do the job admirably, while allowing a human operator to be fully in charge of the situation from a remote location.

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