One-way Radio Remote Controls

Written by Patricia Skinner
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One-way radio remote controls are those where information is transmitted in only one direction. One point can only send transmission, but can't receive any, and the other point can only receive a signal, but can't send one. These systems can be used for a range of applications and can also employ frequency hopping broad spectrum technology to reduce signal interference in the same way that two-way transmission can.

Monitoring and Control with One-Way Radio Remote Controls

Also known as one-way monitoring and control equipment, one-way radio remote controls can solve a lot of problems in situations where laying cable is expensive and difficult, or sometimes even impossible. It means that monitoring and control tasks can be performed from another location. One-way radio solutions can vastly increase the reliability of any monitoring and control system.

One-way radio remote controls can either be point-to-point or they can be point-to-multiple point. They can be used for such applications as controlling level, flow, pressure and temperature. They can also be used for alarm systems and more.

One-way radio remote controls can operate up to 20 miles, depending on the configuration. There is no line-of-site requirement, as is necessary with other forms of remote technology. On the other hand, any remote can be fixed so that it only operates up to a certain range so that operators are not operating machinery they can't actually see if that would pose a hazard.

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